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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Been a long while

But now is time to study for finals, so I am back to posting so that I can avoid studying.

I was just thinking about the adage that if you treat people like adults they will behave like them, and if you treat them as children they'll act like them.

I sit in the library with a sign on the table that says (for finals weeks)


I was just noting the "please" in that statement and thought it unusual. Often you'll see "Please do not sit on the desks" or something similar, but more often it's "NO SMOKING" or similar.

The law school tends to treat us as adults. There is a little bit of extra hand-holding in the first year especially, which gets people's hackles up, but for the most part, they give us some sort of requirements and don't really specify how we go about them all that much. They'll send reminders and such, but it's not as much as I generally did for certain things at the School of Dentistry. Maybe it's my perception only, but it seems that way.

As a result, sometimes people skip stuff that they shouldn't, but the law school still does bend over to help them out with whatever was missed, and that's not as much real world as it could be. On the other hand, they don't take attendance and then track you down if you don't show to these things, so it's your responsibility to get the information or whatever. They will help you get it, but they won't help you realize you didn't get it.
I guess that's the main thing I'm getting at; I think that when you're in professional school, you should be able to realize what you need to get and get it by whatever means you can. If you screw up, people will try to help you, but you have to realize and admit your own mistakes .